A core principle of our practice is keeping patients well informed and ensuring that they are supplied with the information and resources they need.

Appointment Information

Your Appointment

What you should bring to your first appointment:

To ensure your journey is as smooth as possible, it’s important that you are prepared for your first consultation with us.

Please review our appointment document checklist.

For Regional & Interstate Patients

When travelling for your treatment you must feel adequately prepared to streamline your healthcare journey.

Telehealth Consultations

Sydney Urology can provide telehealth consultations to support those patients living regionally, interstate or overseas. This service provides these patients with the opportunity to have an online consultation with James for an initial assessment if they are unable to attend one of our clinics in person.

This service can also support these patient’s post-surgery in their recovery phase when they return home as follow-up consultations can be undertaken online.

Your Appointment - What you should bring

We know that travelling away from home, especially from interstate or a regional area, requires additional planning and preparation for not only yourself but your loved ones. We want to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible, so it’s important that you are prepared for your first consultation with us.

Please review our appointment document checklist below. 

  • Referral letter from your GP or other specialist
  • Medicare card, DVA card, Pension Card
  • Private Hospital Insurance Information
  • A list of your medications and allergies
  • Copies of all relevant test results (X-Rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds, CT Scans, Pet Scans and Blood tests)

Diagnostic Tools

The following tools can assist Dr Symons when providing medical advice, and to track your progress during treatment.

Bladder Diary

Also known as a time & volume chart, a bladder diary is one the best tools for objectively assesing your urinary function as you go about your normal day-today life, in the comfort of your own home. To measure urine patients routinely use a standard kitchen measuring container, which can then be safely washed after use.

Bladder Diary

IPSS (International Prostate Symptom Score)

The IPSS questionnaire allows your urologist to better understand the severity of your “waterworks” symptoms. It is used for men who are having problems that are likely to be related to an enlarged prostate. It is a validated patient-reported outcomes measurement that is widely used around the world.


Erectile Function


The 15-question International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) Questionnaire is a validated, multi- dimensional, self-administered investigation that has been found useful in the clinical assessment of erectile dysfunction and treatment outcomes in clinical trials. A score is awarded to each of the 15 questions that examine the 4 main domains of male sexual function: erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire and intercourse satisfaction.

IIEF-15 Form



A shorter 5-question version, the Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM, also known as the IIEF-5), is designed for easy use by patients, and can be used to diagnose the presence and severity of erectile dysfunction in day-to-day settings.

IIEF-5 / SHIM Form

SPC Residual Diary

To be completed by patients who have a suprapubic catheter in place (before its removal).

Preferred Support Providers

Any doctor can only be as good as his team. Below are links to dedicated and caring professional’s Dr Symons entrusts to assist in your health care. Please let one of the SydneyUro team know if assistance is required in making a booking with any of the following.

Education Hub

Dr Symons has compiled a library of resources for if you would like to read up more about certain conditions and the various treatments.

Our dedicated & caring team of professionals are here to help.

Preferred Allied Health Professionals

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, either before or after surgery, can greatly enhance your rate of recovery and improve your overall level of function.

Dr Symons has worked with the following providers for many years:

Stuart Doorbar-Baptist

Sarina Priori

Preferred Radiology Providers

Just as all patients are unique, so too are radiology providers. Dr Symons makes a considered decision when making radiology requests, and strongly advises patients to have their imaging needs attended to as is written on the form. Scans done at an alternative provider can be of a lower quality or unreliable, and thus may need to be redone. In the case of prostate MRI, where the Medicare rebate is fixed on a 2-year cycle, this can significantly increase a patient’s out-of-pocket costs.


• MRI Prostate

Bondi Junction


SAN Radiology

• MRI Prostate
• PSMA PET / MRI fusion
• Specialist US

T: (02) 9480 9840

St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging  & Nuclear Medicine

• Specialist CT, MRI, ultrasound & interventional services

Suite 501
Level 5, St Vincent’s Clinic
438 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

T: (02) 8382 7530
F: (02) 8382 6507


St Vincent’s Clinic Community Ultrasound

• Bulk-bill ultrasound

2 Oxford Street
Cnr of Barcom Avenue
Paddington NSW 2021

T: (02) 8382 6272

Preferred Pathology Providers

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

T: (02) 9855 5097



T: (02) 8382 9100